Thursday, August 21, 2008

OICs 101 : Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?

Have you ever known that guy or girl who always wins raffles or contests, or they win stuff from radio stations by being the 8th caller? Do you personally know anyone who has won a jack pot in Vegas? I wish there was at least someone in my family who won the lottery. That would be close enough to lucky for me.

For the rest of us, here are the odds we have to beat to be one of the lucky ones with the IRS. As of last count, there are 8.2 MILLION delinquent tax payer accounts actively in the IRS's system for the year of 2007. Out of those delinquent accounts there were 12 thousand OICs accepted. I hate math but this math I really didn't enjoy. You have less than ONE % chance with those numbers to come out with an OIC accepted.

I mentioned luck in my title. There really isn't any room at all to rely on luck. Self representation (doing it yourself) or calling a firm that promises everyone an OIC is definitely a good way to be another statistic. Tax offers or OICs need to be done the first time by a reputable tax resolution firm.

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Anonymous said...

Nice. I really like the "...way to end up another statistic." It's so true, and the public being more aware of the 1% likelihood of OIC acceptance would really speed the resolution facilitation, as heading straight toward a proper approach rather than wasting months to fail and try again is better for everyone.