Thursday, July 24, 2008

Do you have a tax lien?

Tax liens can be filed by the IRS 10 days after a balance due notice or demand for payment has been sent to the tax payer. Lien's are a public notice to the tax payer's creditors that the goverment has claim against the tax payer's property.

The IRS will only release a notice of federal tax lien within 30 days of the tax payer paying their liability in full or if an offer in compromise is accepted and the terms of the agreement fulfilled.

Liens are filled in the courthouse of the county of residence of the taxpayer. Most people believe that the IRS reports this to the credit bureaus. This is not the case. The federal tax lien is public notice and the credit bureaus pick it up there. Having a lien on your creidt reort will damage your credit score.

If you questions about tax liens or other tax problems contact Effectur.

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