Wednesday, July 30, 2008


If it's free it's for me! In a world where the cost of everything continues to go up I am all over anything I can get free. More and more service based companies are cutting back on the things they use to offer as incentive to do business with them. The tax industry is riding that wave also. There is good news though. If you call the right tax firm they have the ability to get information for you when you're not sure what’s going on. The fee for this service can range from 650- 900 dollars. A lazy tax consultant will just guess as to your actual liability amount and you get charged for what he "guesses" you owe. Many companies base their fees on what you owe so they guess high and hope you don't object. This service is called a practitioner call. They can provide you any information they need to handle your case. This is especially important if you have any tax returns from previous years. These older returns are very suspect to the IRS, therefore each one of these returns will be hand audited. A good tax company will use the information they get from the IRS to file your returns. Why? To get you through step one of the audit process. The first thing an auditor looks for is accuracy of the numbers. Down to the penny! This is just one benefit of the practitioner call. For more info on this potentially free service, call around and see who will offer it.

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