Tuesday, September 16, 2008

OIC 101: Doubt As To Liability

In some cases tax payers are convinced they either don't owe their tax liability at all or in part. This is known as "Doubt As To Liability ." Normally you file an OIC on a form 656-A. In this case you would be referred to the alternatives to offers and compromise section in the IRM (Internal Revenue Manual). You may also use these remedies if you disagree with the accuracy of the tax. These alternatives are usually allot less complicated than OICs.

If you choose to compromise the tax amount, you must submit in writing why you think you don't owe the tax. You must also describe in detail the circumstances how the said totals are inaccurate. Include any documentation and evidence you have to support your claim. If you believe you owe none of the tax, see the alternatives section. One thing to consider is that an OIC will not be accepted on any tax that has been finally determined by tax court, any other courts or by the commissioners final closing agreement.

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