Thursday, September 25, 2008

Politics And Taxes ; John McCain's plan

I recently went to John McCain's web site to see just what is his tax policy will look like if he is elected and is able to implement his ideas. They have a whole section called " Taxes: Simpler, Fair, Pro-Growth and Competitive". Then the first section under that is "Keep Taxes Low". In this section they speak about the importance of the nations entrepreneurs, and how they are the heart of the economy as far as innovation, growth and the overall prosperity. They create new jobs if you lose your current one.

He thinks they should keep the top tax rate for them at 35%,maintain the 15% rates on dividends and capital gains, and phase out the alternative minimum tax. He feels raising taxes on the small business is a deterrent to our to the potential future growth of those wanting to start needed new jobs.

On my next post we will look at the next heading in Senator John McCain's section on taxes. When we get done. We will have covered all of his potential tax policies. Then we will look at presidential candidate Barrack Obama's tax policies.

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