Sunday, September 28, 2008

Politic's And Taxes : John McCain's plan

This is a continuation on the tax policies of John McCain. Our economic future, American jobs imports, and taxes are directly related according to the McCain camp. Part of there plan in tax structure is to "Allow First-Year Deduction, Or "Expensing", Of Equipment And Technology Investments: American workers need the finest technologies to compete. Expensing of equipment and technology will provide an immediate boost to capital expenditures and reward investments in cutting-edge technologies. Establish Permanent Tax Credit Equal To 10 Percent Of Wages Spent On R&D: This reform will simplify the tax code, reward activity in the United States, and make us more competitive with other countries. A permanent credit will provide an incentive to innovate and remove uncertainty. At a time when our companies need to be more competitive, we need to provide a permanent incentive to innovate, and remove the uncertainty now hanging over businesses as they make R&D investment decisions." This is a direct quote from his presidential website where I will be covering the rest of his public policy on taxes.

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